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Zomato is a review site where you can get or post reviews about your neighborhood restaurants, hotels, food courts etc.
But i want to know that the reviews that are posted on Zomato are real or by their own marketing team.
Mostly the reviews are from real and genuine people, but sometimes the smaller restaurants would have people from their own team will comment and put good reviews. The popular restaurants don't need to do this since many people would put reviews themselves.
From Zomato reviews you can know about the quality and service of a restaurant or hotel and its meal & price.
The reviews are from the real persons who have visited the restaurant.
Zomato? Sounds like a take off from Tomato. Makes me think of Rotten Tomato which is a site which reviews movies. So are the reviews real? This is the $64,000 question. I don't think there is any way to really tell. So if a person is really paid to visit the restaurant and then he writes a review about it, would you call that real? I mean, he really did visit the restaurant before he really wrote the review. That's real, isn't it?
It should be Jai Mata, then really it can some revenue. I never visited this site, in near future if i need some products then I will visit it and see the reviews about that products.