WHY IP is SO important in SEO Off Page Activities ??

IP is SO important in SEO Off Page because When we do off page submissions then our IP will tracked. And sometime IP will also ban by Search engine because of Spamming. So Always Change your IP or proxy setting during the SEO Off page work.
Class C addresses are commonly used for small to mid-size businesses. IP addresses with a first octet from 192 to 223 are part of this class. Class C addresses also include the second and third octets as part of the Net identifier. The last octet is used to identify each host.
When Search Engine find that you’ve a link coming from same C Class IP on which your website is located, the back link will not have any importance.

So for a successful back linking strategy, it is always advisable to get links from websites on different C class IP. If you source more than one link from same C class IP, you will get benefit of only one link. Please note that you will not get penalized if you’ve link coming from same C class IP, but you’ll not get any advantage either.This is the use of C class IP in SEO.

I Hope my answer might be of use to you!