What To Do If Amazon Suspends Seller Account


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Can any body let me know how to get back into selling again on amazon if for some reason the account have been suspended. The reason my account was suspended was due to poor performance lately because i was away for some days and shipped my orders with a delay. I have emailed them and requested them to reinstate my account but they have choosen not to.

Please let me know any suggestions on What To Do If Amazon Suspends Seller Account and is there any steps i can take now to bring my self out of this situation. I have some stock now and if i do not have any other avenue where i can sell it so amazon sellers account is a must for me. Also let me know if there are any workarounds of this situation.
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I would contact Amazon. I remember when I got suspended months back, they denied my appeal several times to the point where it was an indefinite ban.

Even though you cannot register a new account because they will trace you and ban you, I contacted Auction Essistance to help set me up a new one.

There is just a lot of things you need to do in order for them to not find you or link the two accounts together.
When Amazon your account suspends, Dont worry "one-size fits all" solution. follow this guidelines and policies Amazon.com Help: Policies and Agreements.

Each account suspension is unique and must be handled according to a vendor’s individual situation. There are, however, some overall practices that have been known to work when you are attempting to get your account reinstated. Which tactics would be most beneficial to you rely heavily upon for what were you suspended for.
2015 was another great year for e-commerce sellers with sales continuing to increase year-on-year. It’s not all been great news for sellers though, with an increasing number of Amazon accounts being hit with the dreaded Amazon account suspension.

What can you do?

This blog post will detail how you can protect your Amazon seller account and how you can get your account reinstated including what to include in your plan of action (more on that later).

Every day hundreds of honest third-party sellers get suspended, denied or banned by Amazon.

What’s the difference?

Suspension means you still have a chance to appeal. You’ll need to work a plan of action.

Denied means your appeal was rejected but you still have a chance to submit a revised plan of action.

Banned is the worst scenario of the three. Basically, you’re out of there. Your appeal has failed more than once and Amazon will no longer read your emails.

Ah well, l’ll just open another account…Not so fast—you’ll also be informed that it’s against Amazon’s terms and conditions for you to open another seller account. Darn!

Sellers who’ve been suspended often get frustrated with the fact they can’t pick up the phone and speak to someone to resolve the issue. Every minute a seller is suspended, they’re losing money! In some instances, it can take weeks or months for sellers to get reinstated.

Amazon selling privileges are removed for three reasons:

Amazon feel your performance is taking a dive. They want to operate a competitive marketplace that values good customer service.

You’ve violated Amazon’s policies. Remember it’s Amazon’s house and you have to abide by their rules.

Selling a restricted product.

You can find out why your account has been suspended by checking your Performance Notifications within Seller Central.

A suspended seller will also receive a notification titled “Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed” with a list of ASINs that Amazon believe have violated their policies.

Performance-related suspension notifications will start off like this:

“We have removed your Amazon selling privileges because of buyer complaints about the condition or description of items they received from you.”

I thought we were friends Amazon.

Sellers are then expected to create a plan of action based on the information contained within the notification.