What Niches Is Commission Junction Good For

I want to share with other people who are using commission junction program that what are the niches they make most of their money from Commission Junction. Also to be more specific if you want to share with me then do tell that what are the publisher in CJ program you are making most of your money from. Please share as i am struggling without any luck from CJ program as my earnings are very low and i have never been able to make much from commission junction.
I've had the same problem with CJ. It's been extremely hard to monetize and I assume it may just be that you need massive amounts of traffic for it to work. It still seems though, that even in that case, adsense would give higher returns. I'm curious if anyone can tell me the type of scenario where CJ would be better than adsense.
Everything! CommissionJunction's advertiser database is extremely large! You can promote things from physical products like microwaves, garden hoes, and even groceries to online software as antivirus and video editing programs. CJ's tracking system is above other competitors, while not perfect though. They recently upgraded their website, so check it out.
any niche would convert if you know how to convert so focus on competition let say weight loss products have good conversion but since competition is too tight you hardly get your website ranked.
This is one way to make money online is a lot of internet marketers preferred for its ability to bring its sustainable income. I am taking account facebook agent running CJ to implement revenue increase nhap.that great.