What is Image Optimization?

One more thing which comes into images optimization is image size. We should reduce the size of images so that the page can load faster. It has become more important now.
Image optimization is the basic steps for your SEO campaign. One of the basic tips for image linking is to avoid linking your images directly. Always use relevant anchor texts whenever linking your images. This is even more effective for your SEO when embedding images in a guest post or other pages intended to get a link back to your site.
Optimizing web images is a process of delivering the high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size. Image optimization can be done in different ways be it by resizing the images, caching or by compressing the size. Here comes ImageKit, an intelligent Image Optimization tool which optimizes images using intelligent compression algorithm. Combined with a global content delivery network (CDN) for faster delivery, it can improve your website performance significantly.
Image optimization is reducing the image size and helps the image make seo friendly which helps the search engine get the image faster. It also helps increase the page load speed.