Twitter Or facebook


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I use Facebook more than of Twitter. That's because i find twitter difficult to use. Is it a same network like Facebook? Does twitter have privacy? What do you use more? Facebook Or twitter?
Twitter is very easy to use. It's not like FB, because it's more about conversations. You have 140 characters at a time for a tweet. There are privacy settings, where you can protect your tweets but it's generally easier and more fun if it's public. You tweet your opinions on a matter, follow people who tweet about things you're interested in, and interact with them. I personally use Twitter more. More engaging than FB.
If you are wondering, how a company could get so many followers in such a short time, then you should search around, and you will find different companies eager to help you out by increasing your Twitter Followers within a few days. Fake and real followers depend on company reputation you should search about the followers providing company and also know about the company previous history. You too can increase your twitter account followers with the real company.
Of course Facebook has much traffic than Twitter and If you post a good quality content in a facebook group, indeed it will get a positive response in less duration and also drives traffic to your site.
Nevertheless you can manage Facebook and Twitter at the same time by using some good social media management dashboard tools like Socioboard, faceboardpro, twtboardpro which helps businesses and brands to better understand social media.
It depend on why you want to use them. Twitter is more about expressing your opinions on certain things in life, world, culture, society; it's more about conversation. Facebook is also good for that, but it gives you better opportunity to promote your business.