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If you join commission junction you need to fill some in tax information (vat). What do you fill in if you have no company and no vat number? What do you do regarding tax?
It depends upon the tax laws in your country. Some places require you to declare every penny you earn, while some countries do not apply income tax below a certain threshold.

In Canada, all business income must be reported, and the CRA (our tax people) determines business income as: A business is an activity that you intend to carry on for profit and there is evidence to support that intention.

Obviously, commission junction or any ad revenue would be done for profit, so must be declared.
Thanks for the info, i'm in the UK but i suspect the laws will be similar. If it only brings in a few dollars then it would be quite annoying as one would have to fill in all those documents for earning the price of a hotdog.
The major issue in amending corporation taxes is that the government is faced with a major deficit and reducing any taxes is counterproductive at this time.
So, the other day it said I needed to add my tax info, which I did. Now, it wont allow me to work until I add my tax info. When I go to add it, it says "pending" under my social. Any ideas?