Suggest Good IDE or Editor For Javascript and HTML

Kindly suggest me a good and preferebly free editor available for windows 7 for editing Javascript and HTML. I do not want it to edit other more advanced server side scripting languages. Kindly Suggest Good IDE Editor For Javascript and HTML only. I can use notepad but then i have to look for the help about each tag and built in java script functions which waste a lot of time and i want to use this time for more coding and there fore looking for this HTML editor.
I'd suggest Aptana for HTML, Javascript and more. It's a very good IDE which is free to download either as a standalone version or as a plugin to the Eclipse IDE, if you've coded in Java before, you may already have Eclipse. The other good point about Aptana is, it's cross-platform.
Notepad++ is really good light weight editor, if you are big into coding and know what you are doing then it's a great piece of software even if you have Dreamweaver or the like.