Right server to buy from a decent hosting provider ...

It is a good idea to speak to web host's representative to make sure that you'll receive exactly what you need.
Pretty good feature-packed server hosting solutions you'll find here
1) ZakServers.com
2) ServerUnion.com
3) Idologic.com
On the strength of the mentioned above, this truly appreciable web host will always be recommended to all those looking for genuine and reliable hosts.
Good uptime have some other companies which are worth your attention: hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com. You should check out their plans to see how resourceful they are.
Have a look at servers from decent hosting providers: owned-networks.net and coinshosting.com.
I’m very happy with their turnaround time and support. Other things that I like about them are these:
Amazing up time
Cheap price, yet quality hosting
Fast server speed
One click script installing
Lots of other features.
Right servers are available from time-tested companies: owned-networks.net and coinshosting.com.
They have been very reliable hosting sites, and I've been completely satisfied with their service. I probably over-use their support pages when I have a problem making changes to my websites, but they are always courteous and straighten me out.