Preferred Wordpress Theme


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I was wondering if you guys also have a favorite wordpress theme which you think can help you earn. There's one theme that I like because it helps me to SEO my site that it don't need an SEO plugin anymore because it has its own SEO form where I can add meta tags, descriptions and keywords to pages and posts. Its not free though so if you also like this, you might have to buy it. its name is HEATMAP THEME.

If you do have a favorite wordpress theme, please share its name here so that we can have a better idea and might get it for the next website I plan to create.
Woo Themes are pretty much the go-to of themes that will help you profit with any Wordpress related venture. Whilst they may be expensive (relatively), the initial investment will be well invested, and if you go the extra mile with the plugins they offer you're bound to succeed.
I hear a lot about the Thesis theme although I haven't tried it. It's supposed to be designed with a focus toward monetizing your site. It helps you grow traffic and is designed with things like Adsense n mind. I know there's a lot of premium themes out there and some people are making a lot of cash designing theme. Google themeforest and you'll see a load of amazing premium Wordpress themes with all kinds of extras. Great sliders and galleries etc.