Namecheap or Godaddy


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I want to buy a domain name and most likely from namecheap or godaddy. I have no past experience with this two domain providers. I would like your advice. You can also recommend other sites that you have in mind.
When it’s for domain then GoDaddy is good because it is established and also have rates that everyone can afford but if we want hosting then I will suggest Hostgator due to stability and reputation while also the rates are top class and I always believe that we should aim for the best and never settle for anything lower and why should we given that we pay full price.
The cost of web hosting and domain registration from Namecheap is affordable compare to Godaddy. But Still i will suggest you for Godaddy for their better customer support.
There’re many big guys in domain industry that you can rely on, however according to me, there’re 2 big guys that I usually use to invest a large number of domain on them. 2 of them are Godaddy and Namecheap.

With Godaddy, I usually get big discounts via email, the most percent discount I’ve got are 30% off and 25% off on new orders. More, they have a very professional and comfortable control panel that can help me much in domain management. Very easy to transfer or renew when I need to do. When my domains get expiring, I’ve always get notification by them, that’s very good. For their coupons, you can visit here to get Godaddy coupon

With Namecheap, they have a very good and friendly support team that can help you almost instantly, I’ve contact them many times and each time was let me very happy and rate them 5 stars in supporting. Namecheap also give monthly coupons that can help you save 25% off on your hosting, VPS purchasing. For their coupons, you can visit here to get Namecheap coupon

So I would like to recommend 2 domain registrars to you. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!