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How is Mobile SEO differ from SEO? What are the strategies that should be follow to optimize a mobile site or to get more traffic on site through mobile devices?
Mobile SEO is a pursuit that’s fundamentally different than “normal” SEO but both stress the same thing: results come from good user experience… and good user experience is based on technical excellence, user-focused content and authority that is better than that which is offered by your competition.
Mobile SEO is almost the same as SEO, a lot of traffic comes from mobile phones alone, so it's best to make your blog or website mobile-friendly. If you don't optimize your website for mobile phones, the website will occasionally take very long to load which means people wouldn't have the patience to wait and exit. If you're using Wordpress, it's best to find a mobile-friendly theme that looks good and functions well.
Well much of it is on the link above from rashidckk.

Put simply, it is all about how you optimize your website for mobiles, tabs and other smaller viewing devices. To start with your theme should be responsive and then, the normal seo techniques can be applied if you do not want anything special.
Mobile SEO is basically based on SEO optimization techniques for Search Engine results in Mobile. Yep, that simple! There are so many Differences Between Desktop Search Results & Google Mobile, if you are only focused on desktop search, you are missing a very big opportunity. Mobile continuously has taken the place of desktop search. Thanks to the rise of smartphones, people nowadays do search using their mobile or tablet devices.
when I looked at smartphone versus desktop rankings for Resolution Media clients in Google Webmaster Tools, I found that there were variations in ranking for 86% of the smartphone rankings studied. I’ve since detailed 14 of these differences in the search results.