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Welcome to Fin (formerly Finclusion Group), your go-to destination for simply smarter finance catering to everybody's needs. Our diverse range of products includes microfinance loans, online loans, personal loans, medical loans, salary advance loans, housing finance, healthcare financing, credit, insurance, financial wellness, and more.


At Fin, we are committed to elevating the quality of life for our customers through the provision of simple, convenient, and fitting financial services.


Our vision entails creating an ecosystem wherein individuals and organizations can access financial solutions tailored to help them achieve their objectives.


Recognizing that people are the fundamental building blocks of families, communities, and nations, we strive to connect with our stakeholders on a personal level. We aim to foster an environment where shared motivations create lasting bonds.


Never content with the status quo, we consistently pursue improvement. Innovation is a natural outcome when we understand people's motivations individually and collaborate as teams toward a shared vision.


Our methodology for pursuing our mission and vision is founded on collaboration and teamwork, addressing the challenges that confront us collectively.


Authenticity is at our core. We stand for what is right, and our actions align with our words.

Meet the Team

Fin comprises a team of fintech professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world. Our passion lies in developing products that make financial tools easily accessible throughout the African continent. Leveraging our expertise in risk, credit, and technology, we position ourselves at the forefront of the fintech sector. Our supervised machine learning and AI capabilities allow us to make highly informed predictions on credit applications in seconds, considering both financial and psychometric data.

Our product offering is designed to create value for employers, employees, and consumers, addressing the persistent credit gap on the continent. We are enthusiastic about building the future of African financial technology.

Contact Details

For more information or to get in touch with Fin, please send an email to [email protected].