Messenger Lite


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So I'm a bit apprehensive in downloading messenger lite prolly because I don't get the point of why it's created. I mean, I can use FB lite to do the messaging. So what gives, Messenger lite? Anyone can en-lite-n me?
Messenger lite is a light version of Facebook app. It takes less time to open and does not show other contents which does not belong to you and to your friends. In Facebook app it shows you all contents which are tagged to your friends and other marketing contents form pages and groups. but in messenger lite it shoes only that content which is related your your friend, besides videos posted on Facebook do not run automatically, here is saves your data. Now days most of people use smart phones with high configured hardware but who do not have high configured hardware it is good for them to use quickly.
Guys, recently I downloaded Kakaotalk for pc and now I can say for sure that this is the best messenger. I really like the user friendly interface and the possibility of free unlimited communication with family and my friends. I recommend everyone to download this handy app and start an amazing chat right now. I don't need any Facebook anymore.