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Let’s say you are running a campaign, diet, skin, lead gen, app installs, pin submits, eCommerce, whatever; and you want to optimize for people who came to your landing page, and then clicked the link to fill out the offer.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize based on everyone who actually clicked (thus is more likely to convert) vs everyone who visited the page, many of whom then bounced from there?
There’s a way, and it’s done by using a little javascript and assigning custom functionalities to your links/buttons.
Step #1 – Grab the Facebook Pixel Code from the Ad Manager front end. If you don’t know how to do that, read this guide from FB.
Step #2 – We need to add a custom javascript function that will “FIRE” the facebook conversion pixel. Here’s the code we must add to the default Facebook pixel:
Step #3 – Next, we need to add some code snippets to all of our links in our landing page/and or buttons as follows
Now when you setup your Facebook Ad Campaign, make sure to select Optimize for ADD TO CART; because everytime someone clicks a link on your landing page; it will fire the pixel and you want clickers, not people who just come to the lander, then leave right away.
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