Looking for Dedicated server


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Does anybody know any seller of dedicated servers medium range like i5 with 100mbps unmeter bandwidth.
I have seen some deals here in the deal section around that price, but maybe someone can suggest me from their experience?
Do you know anything about GTHost.com instant dedicated hosting? Is it trustworthy?

Thank you.
Amazingly, I never had to wait longer than 20 minutes for a response. If I could give GTHost.com dedicated hosting solutions a 100 out of 5, I would. Can say that it is an amazing web hosting provider. The price and their products are great. They absolutely are without question the best support team on the planet.
The best server providers are: qhoster.com and hostsailor.com.
With their dedicated solutions, you are powered with freedom: a box of your own. Setting up domains, installing modules, your dedicated server can be 100% customized to suit your needs. Powered by CPanel, all domains created are equipped with full features of the linux hosting plans.
Now everything works like a clock and I am happy running my site at GTHost.com instant servers. Recommend this host to others. Dedicated instant servers offer a superior user experience compared to shared servers which run more slowly and often do not have robust or reliable maintenance.
The price is outstanding for the features provided, but in a time when hosting is very competitive. GTHost.com customer support is good. They are always helpful and friendly no matter how simple or complex my questions are. Run some of my websites at their New York servers.
With GTHost.com Looking Glass server portal you get a dynamic tool that allows administrators to do their jobs better with a more user-friendly interface. I have had no problems in working with them to get the account setup and the site published. Although I haven't had a lot of experience with other site providers, I found it's pricing very reasonable.