Is HTML Different For Each Browser


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I have written a small piece of HTML code and it is running well in one browser but in other the website is not looking good. I have been told that HTML is a standard so it should be running in every browser. Please let me know if i am missing any thing here and is HTML different for each browser or is it the same.
It sounds like you might be running into an issue with the CSS rather than the HTML. Older browsers, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer, have a lot of quirks with how they display and handle CSS, or worse yet, don't support certain CSS styles at all.
I guess, Internet Explorer isn't exactly the most compatible browser with the latest CSS revisions. It also has some issues with jQuery from what I've seen on my Internet Explorer 9. But IE 10 solves most of these problems, but it's better to use Google Chrome or Firefox.
HTML is the same on every browser but like an above poster stated it is the CSS (this is what gives html its looks) that is slightly different on each browser. You need to look at the stylesheet you are using and see if you are using newer CSS3 items or if it is just older CSS. If you are using newer functions then that is probably what your issues come from.
HTML code, itself, should not ever change when you compare the current versions browsers out there. Meaning that all modern browsers have a compatibility with the HTML version "whatever."

The thing that differs each one from another is the extra goodies that are involved in the webpage itself. Things like Java Snippets, Custom CSSes, Flash players, and other stylesheets that are meant to make websites attractive fall short of being understood by every browser engine.
The HTML structure is essentially the same for all browsers. Where the issues come in is the use of CSS. Some of the older browsers do not play nicely with CSS (*cough* IE 6, 7, and 8 *cough*).
Normally HTML is the same for all browsers, however it is good practice to test all your work on as many different browsers as possible. If you use Dreamweaver, it has a lovely feature that allows you to preview your site with the browsers you have installed on that computer. I would say aslong as you cover Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari you'll be fine.
As everyone says, HTML itself need not have change of code for different browsers. If there are any requirements to adapt more suitably for the browsers, then I am afraid, I do not know of any such commands. But definitely, CSS needs to take care of the page rendering on different web browsers.
So long as you're using an updated browser, you should be alright. In the past it was older versions of IE that gave me issues with my code but Chrome, Firefox and IE10 have been great for me so far.
Not all browsers process code in the same way, some will process it one-way, giving you one result, but then another browser (usually Internet Explorer) will process it in a different way, your ultimate goal is to achieve cross-browser support, and if absolutely necessary, you can drop support for older browser versions.
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HTML is the same for all browsers, however it is good practice to test all your work on as many different browsers as possible.
I am agree with shaadisankalp.