IP Canonicalization


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What is IP Canonicalization? I have heard it recently and want to gather information about it.
Is it also effect SEO or SERPs ranking of a website?
Please share some information about it.
IP Canonicalization is the technical website issue but it's not affect your website. As per my knowledge IP canonicalization is not fix to your site with 301 redirection rule test, it will consider duplicate content with domain and IP.

For example : If your site's IP and it's does not redirect to your site's domain name. This could cause duplicate content problems if a search engine indexes your site under both its IP and domain name.
I don't think this is a big issue, many websites will have shared IPs. Kind a hard to say much about the subject without knowing your hosting situation.A fix would be to put your site on a VPS or dedicated server that has it's own IP.And then you can also only use this to direct to the main domain and not any virtual ones.
"In SEO, (URL) Cannonicalization are the web contents that has one of more possible URL. It refers to the preferred version of a set of pages within similar pages that tells Google that one URL is the same as another URL during search.


This causes the popularity of the two URLs to be divided into two. "