I want to study remotely, do you know Tech?


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Hello everyone, I work as a freelancer and lately I've been interested in expanding my knowledge in Design because I really like this subject and I'm looking for an alternative that allows distance learning for personal reasons.

Recently, researching online, I have found a master's degree at Tech Tech University and I find it very interesting and that I can study comfortably from home and at my own pace.

I would like to hear from anyone who has studied here at this university and if the knowledge they offer is useful. Thank you very much.
This mode of study has offered me a unique experience, combining flexibility, high quality material and self-discipline. Although I missed the face-to-face interaction, the overall balance was positively challenging.

I think it is a good alternative for complementary studies.
Taking advantage of the self-directed study mode that allowed me to reconcile my busy work schedule with learning, family and friends, I liked this new method of learning!
I found some modules more challenging than others, which is good for personal growth. However, at times, a little more support would have been helpful.
The online mode allowed me to study from different parts of the world, which was a unique and very enriching experience.
The contents are more accessible than in other platforms, in general, the experience was enriching and gave me a better perspective of my profession
Studying in this way gave me the opportunity to apply what I learned in my work almost immediately, which was very rewarding.
Some days, you have to fight with your discipline to study and this was a challenge, but it has helped me to have more responsibility and commitment to myself. The flexibility of the programme made it manageable and worth the effort.
Starting my specialization online has been a wise decision. Autonomy and learning at my own pace have been crucial to my progress.
I recently finished a programming course at this place and it was amazing, I really enjoyed the convenience of being able to study at my own pace.
It was great to be able to organize my own schedule, although sometimes I would have liked more specific directions.
I have learned to be more confident in my ability to direct my own learning, reinforcing learning in the subjects that I find difficult. I have liked this teaching process.
I love to be able to apply what I learn immediately in real life situations, that's why I like to study this way, it's very complete.
Though I would have preferred more specific directions sometimes, I enjoyed organizing my own schedule.
I have found that I can connect with the content in a much more meaningful way when I study it on my own, this modality has been rewarding for my professional and work life.
My experience studying here has made me feel more motivated by having full control over my study schedule, so that in my free time I can reinforce subjects of interest.
I feel much more involved in my learning when I can fully control the process of learning at my own pace and it allows me to really absorb the material, which is very satisfying.
The tranquility of being able to study anywhere and at any time has made learning much more accessible in today's times, in my experience with them I did well and the only drawback I had with them were the user of the platform that did not save the rest excellent.
I have noticed a great improvement in my ability to concentrate since I began self-directed study. The opportunity to further explore topics of interest to me has been tremendously rewarding.
For someone interested in technological sciences, this approach was perfect. Being able to stop and spend more time on the subjects that fascinated me really made a difference to my learning.