How Tough It Is To Learn HTML

If you want to learn HTML fast and easily for free I would use Learn to code | Codecademy they offer free interactive learning courses and they are just amazing. I wish they where around when I learned as it would of made it so much easier.
In my opinion, paying for a class pertaining to a simple language such as HTML is simply foolish. That being said, I'm sure a lot of people who have no prior experience in programming fall for it. I would suggest using, they were not around whenever I learned HTML, however I have tried a few of their courses just to see what it's like and it is very nice for learning the basics. Or you could just do it the old fashion way, and learn off of others code like I did.
Learning basic HTML doesn't take too long. I started off with no experience or training, and now I can create fairly decent websites.
If you want to cheat a little bit, there is an application called SeaMonkey. Its very similar to the old Netscape Communicator Suite, in which you can edit websites using a graphical interface. Its an easy way to edit and create webpages, and it doesn't require much HTML knowledge :) HTML is the easiest language you can learn.
HTML is very easy! I would not pay a single dollar for a course, IMO the best way to learn it is by using it yourself to fit your needs. It took me about a month of going between and my test Google Site to learn the basics of HTML. Another great place to test out and learn HTML is CodeAcademy. When it comes to learning a new coding language I like to get myself a good reference area such as and then I set up a test website to test out my code.
I disagree. HTML is the fundamental basis for websites. Sites generated by php produce an end product in HTML, so without the basic knowledge there's little point learning anything more complex or you'll just write php that generates gibberish.

Start with HTML, worry about more complex things afterwards.

Agreed. Even websites written in PHP output HTML and CSS eventually.

It's fairly easy to learn HTML (and CSS, which basically should be learned together with HTML). It's nothing like a real programming language and you can teach it to yourself using online tutorials. Paying for a course is in no way needed.

If you want to be a professional webdesigner, then paying for PHP or javascript courses might be an option. However, if you just want to make websites for a hobby or if you want to build a simple blogging site, I think you can easily learn it online without paying a dime. Including languages like PHP and javascript.