how to learn joomla?


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i am fresher and i want to learn a frame work so plz share some link from where we learn joomla esialy from begining?:eek:
The way that I did it was to go to and buy a Joomla! template. Then I just started poking around, changing the easy things and reading through their tutorials and help files when I got stuck. Just make backup copies of all files before you change them and there's nothing to be worried about. There are a lot of people out there who will help you on forums when you need help. There is a big learning curve for your first Joomla! template but the features that Joomla! offers are so worth it.

Once you have completed your first template you will want to do another one and another one! I'm on my third Joomla! template and I thought that I would never make it through my first...
sorry, you can download youtube.