How Can I See Cached Copy Of My Website In Yahoo


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Do any body know a way or command by using which i can see the cached copy of my web site from two days ago. I have tried it on Google but the command on yahoo is somehow not working for me . Please tell me that How to See Cached Copy Of My Website In Yahoo search engine.
I didn't use any cache command in yahoo search engine. Check out which I have used so many time to check cached page.
to%u00252Bsee%2Byahoo%2Bcatched%2Bcopy%2Bof%2Bsites.JPGYo can just go to Yahoo search and search about that site whose's copy do you want to see, then in the result which page you want to see just go on that in results and clicked on a option "catched" at the end of that site/page information in search results. go to the pic for details
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Deven75 is absolutely right and has described easy way to get the last Cached Snapshot of a web page in Yahoo.
You can also see cached pages in Google through the same way.