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One of the best HD Analog Dome CCTV Camera available in the market in affordable price by Revlight Security, with day and night vision and it is loaded with latest features worked with a Dvr. All kinds of camera packages available, for home and for office purpose
it gives a high definition video clarity even in night mode, it is a full proof surveillance security system with advance features, and it is supported by iOS and android mobile platforms, as well, so you can use it anytime anywhere.
Your information is also best about Dome CCTV cameras.
According to me..
Dome CCTV cameras are enclosed in a dome shaped housing - some are for indoor use only and others are completely weatherproof for outdoor use. The dome cameras on this page are analog-CCTV type for used with 960H or D1 resolution DVRs. Please visit this page if you are looking for 1080p HD CCTV cameras. CCTV Camera Pros recommends iDVR-PRO hybrid DVRs that work with all of the bullet camera on this page as well as the latest 1080p HD security cameras.
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The best use of Dome CCTV cameras is to install them in offices and shopping malls. They don't look good for a house, in my opinion.
Hi! I am willing to disagree about the purpose of using dome cctv. For example, I saw in the Internet a review of the cameras from the https://ajax.systems/ security and they were very similar to the dome, although their purpose is universal and can be used for the house. Moreover, in most cases, they are used for home use, since you can control the cameras through the mobile app. For example, you can change the viewing angle and position of the camera directly through the smartphone screen, which is extremely convenient. And if you choose static cameras, their functionality becomes limited.