Have you ever got your account frozen/limited?


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Paypal is usually very strict on their TOS, so they will freeze their accounts when someone does something shady. It's usually chargeback, receiving a very high payment, scamming, or anything else. I have never gotten my account frozen, but I heard they will freeze accounts that are unverified. My paypal is currently unverified since I have to resolve a bank issue, but I'm a bit paranoid whether they will freeze my account or not.

Have you ever got your account frozen? If you did, did you do anything, or did you forget about that account?
I have never had my account limited or frozen before, but a couple of years ago someone managed to hack into my PayPal account and transferred the $400 or so in the account to their account. Thankfully PayPal didn't hang about and they retrieved the money and banned the other user within 24 hours before he had time to transfer it into his/her bank account and disappear.
I never had any problem with my Paypal account. My paypal account is a verified one. I have heard few horrible Paypal stories but I don't have any bad experience with them.
I'm verified with PayPal and so haven't had any trouble, I'm sure something will eventually but my secret so far is avoiding eBay! 90% of the horror stories I've heard involving PayPal involve eBay!
I just got canned by PayPal not to long ago with no chance of appeal. No matter how many phone calls or emails you send, they will not budge with it.

Luckily I was able to get back on using stealth techniques with the help of Auction Essistance.
Yes paypal is very strict so before you sign up make sure you write the correct info of yourself.If you don't then you will be sorry in the end.I encountered limited access to them which they want me to show 3 photos ids,security question,change password and most of all they will ask you some bank account information which determined and asking your name,address and account no.
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