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Can any one suggest if Fresh Store builder works or not because one of my friend recently purchased it and is not happy. Please give your reviews on Fresh Store builder. He asked the management of fresh store builder to refund him his money because he found some bugs and thought that FSB is not worth the money but the owner never refunded him.

On the web i can see both positive and negative reviews about this FSB amazon script software. Please share thoughts on this.
FSB's not a bad product! Your friend probably got his money back, because FSB does decent business and they don't mind being upfront about things like that :)

Of course you see both positive and negative reviews. There are positive and negative reviews about everything. That being said, did you read the positive ones? I can vouch they're relatively accurate, haha.
Review Amazon Fresh Store Builder FSB

I have used this software about 1.5 years ago and it had few bugs at that time. Navigation in between the software was too difficult and one have to have a sharp memory to remember all the options because they were hidden due to the poor desigh of Fresh Sore Builder. One thing that is particularly worth mentioning here is that the developer was quick and the new updates were coming which gave me a feeling that even it had problems Fresh Store Builder team will be able to soon fix most of them because they looked enthusiastic.

After that time i had never used FSB for building website due to lack of time but i beleive that by this time it will be a more mature product. If do not know if i remember correctly or not the guy name was Carey Baird and he sent me some personal emails too after my purchase which explained me how this FSB works and the way to build amazon stores using this product.
I've had a positive experience with FSB, you didn't say what problems your friend had but whenever I have a problem I just open a ticket and usually it gets sorted out fairly quickly, there's also a forum to post on.

Building a site doesn't take long, 'pre seo' you could build a store with tons of products and categories in minutes, literally it's that quick. Categories can be set to auto populate by keywords so thats a bonus for seo as well.

Version 3 has improved so much and it's a lot faster with a lot more options, actually that reminds me, I saw a tweet by FSB the other day about a new mobile responsive template which might be worth a look, it works on tablets and mobiles and looks as if it's got a lot of extra options. It's at special offer at only $47 which ends tonight (sunday) 23.59 EST time, then it's $87 but still worth that in my experience.

Here's a link: Moderna - Fresh Store Builder Template

But yeah, thumbs up from me :)
Yoshi, I've seen those templates you're talking about (the link is broken BTW) I like it but I've had numerous problems with the FSB guys, I've been waiting 3 weeks for my ticket to be answered the support is really bad and they have bad attitudes towards you. The software itself violates googles TOCs and the platform they promote is really just a thin affiliate site which is terrible for seo and they relentlessly push products on you through email marketing with warrior forum style hype, they even promote rival products just to get a commission so what does that tell you? They also keep a log of registered sites, no doubt they have some way of pinging for a signal of some sort to see which ones are doing well and no doubt they'll copy it.

If the license is unlimited sites why the need to keep a log of sites you have? It's an absolute invasion of privacy, they're just control freaks if you ask me.

The best way to promote amazon is a review site, stick to wordpress I say.
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Hi all,

This is Carey, the owner of Fresh Store Builder.

I am sorry to hear you have issues and you can always reach out to me at careybaird AT gmail DOT com if you are not getting what you need from our helpdesk. If you feel like they are not communicating well with you I am sorry and I would love the opportunity to fix that. Please do email me with your account details so I can lookup your tickets and address the issues.

About the software being thin affiliate - it will be if you don't add unique content. You really do need to add unique content if you want to get traffic from Google. I detail this more in our guides and videos. It doesn't matter if you use FSB, WordPress or something else.. if you don't add unique content it will be classed as thin affiliate.

When done properly the stores do really well. We have examples on our forum and website showing real proof of $500+ per day earnings. You can find more reviews and success stories here

About recommending other products - we usually get commission if you use our link to order but I would never recommend a product that I don't feel is beneficial. I think what you are referring to is EasyAzon which is a WordPress plugin. I recommend using WordPress alongside Fresh Store Builder and this plugin works well. I recorded a demo video showing why I recommend it and sharing the strategies (again I am not linking up, I just want to answer and help with your issues).

You are of course free to ignore my recommendations and/or unsubscribe from the email list. However I don't just send out product recommendations - we have a weekly newsletter with tips and strategies, freebies, software updates etc.

About licensing - unfortunately some members sell access to their account because they have an unlimited license. We have to protect our software from piracy and that is the only reason why we require you to register your stores. Under no circumstance do we use that information for anything other than licensing.

About the website you linked to - this user was outside his refund period when he asked for a refund, but I refunded him in full anyway. His website links to other competing products with an affiliate link, meaning he is profiting by saying "Fresh Store Builder is a scam".

I don't know what is on the website exactly but it is designed to mislead you.

I really hope I can get the opportunity to solve your problem and rectify this situation for you. At this moment I don't know what your account is and the quickest way to get a solution would be to email me.

I will try to keep an eye on this post also.

Thank you for posting your information, I totally understand your frustrations and will do everything I can to put it right for you.

Here you can find real Fresh Store Builder reviews from actual members.
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