Features that an shopping cart software must have?

Shopping carts on online marketplaces matter a lot. If it looks poor, people will generally avoid it. I personally like the design by Amazon and their shopping cart. It looks trustworthy for the most part. Here's what I think is crucial in shopping cart softwares:
- The ability to add to your cart. You may want to continue shopping, and if there's a limit to only one per cart, that would be abusrd.
- The ability to check off what want to buy. Say there are 4 items in your cart. You only want to buy 2. You can tick the two you want, or have an option to save the other two for the future.
- Adding promo codes. Sometimes, there are promo codes, and if there's no option to add that, it would be a shame.
- Last but not least, the payment options. If there's only a payment option and noone has ever heard of it, chances are, the buyer will leave.
These are features which online shopping cart has:
• Large, Functional Product Images
• Product Reviews
• Layered and Faceted Navigation
• Single-Page, Fast Checkout
• Search
• Coupons and Discounts
• Product Import and Export
• Easy Int
• Analytics and Sales Report integration with Third Party Solutions
Except many convenient features and easy operation, an shopping cart software must have advanced technology to protect custom's information. Many people suffered information disclosure when they buy things online. I am a online shopping enthusiast, so I download many applock to protect my personal information. We must pay more attention to our privacy!
Very convenient when there is a mobile app for purchases. The site is very good, but the application on the phone is much more convenient. We decided to create such an application. I applied to this company, here is their website https://s-pro.io/ . They created a convenient application interface. We offered people a discount for purchases through the application and this is a success:) It seems to me that such availability of the store speaks about the care of customers, inspires confidence.