ebay alternatives


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Does anyone use one of ebay's competitor's if indeed they have any? Their fees are creeping upwards so it might be a good time to switch to someone else. Any suggestions?
I don't think they really have any. Obviously there's Amazon and Rakuten but they are not auctions. E-Bid would be good if they actually spent some money on it and copied ebay, but they won't. All they need to do is advertise and undercut ebays prices.
Hi, I suggest you to try ListingDock, they becoming bigger and popular day by day, excellent platform for selling anything specially crafted items. Although they are new but they have potential to stand next to etsy or ebay in near future also they have tons of unique features which I never seen on any other marketplace. Great experience with this site so far.
I am hoping that you list members will reply to this request w/your
recommendation on the best way to go here...I lost the faceplate on my C90
over six months ago and I have been unable to replace it as of yet.

The ebay auctions that I have followed generally go too high for me to win
the bid. My alternatives for now are to continue to look for a faceplace up
for auction, a complete C90--but use only the faceplate, or to find a C910
to replace it with instead.

Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts as to which might be the most
affordable option--or most readily available?

I would have considered replacing my C90, but w/the the fiber optic cable
being the only connection to my trunk w/the xdp4k and amps, adding a new
HU w/full-length RCAs would be a considerable expense.

c90sort of/xdp4k/brax/dyn