Does Google Adsense Have An Effect of Website Speed


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The blog where I am planning to put my adsense already have a poor speed because of the webhosting company it is hosted on. I am planning to put AdSense Ads on this blog but am concerned whether the speed will become more slow or painfully slow. So I just wanted to make sure if any body can share with me the impact of AdSense on a website or blog loading speed.

For example if my website loads in 20 seconds already then how much time it is going to take after I put 3 adsense ad units on this website.
I don't think it has a negative effect on your site specifically since the ads are hosted on a different server(google's). But, depending on the speed of your network. So, if your normal network would download your whole page for like 20secs. Then expect something like 2secs more. My advice is keep out unnecessary widgets from your blog.
Google Adsense and other similar services can be an extra source of income for you but they can also slow down your site.

A website that loads ads in header, to the right sidebar, in the body of the post and at the bottom of the page using 2 or 3 different ad services, is going to be much slower than a website with only 1 ad in the right sidebar or in the body of the post.

Not only are the ads annoying for most of the users but they will slow down your site as well.
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