Do you think Infolinks drives down your search engine ranking?


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It has long been said that Infolinks drives down your search engine ranking, and it has appeared in many online blogs about how it affects different people, especially since Google's Panda updates recently, or, not so recently now.

Have you noticed Infolinks changing your search engine ranking?
Not sure if it have any effect on website rankings or no but personally I do not like info links because they does not look good because they just pick random words and show ads according to them which can be very irrelevant with the context of whole article.
I don't know if infolinks drags down search engine rankings because it's been long since I used it. And I wasn't paying attention to search engines then. I quit using it because I found it very user unfriendly and could slow down a site over a slow internet connection.
I could see how it would. Infolinks are such an obvious attempt at revenue that it makes your site look unprofessional and cheap.
I have been using them for a year now and my websites main keyword still stays on number and number 4 since then.
Just those 2 positions, it never way goes down.

So, I conclude it doesnt affect your search engine ranking after all.
I currently have infolinks. I am considering dropping it after reading this. I should do more research on it. Thanks for the post.
I'm just reading this I don't have experience with info links but I suppose your ranking might be affected if it affected page load speed.