Do you buy content for your website?

I used write content for my blog's.If you are running one or two blogs then it is easy to maintain them as one man army.If you are planning run more number of blo's then its better to go for hiring content writers..Recently i started hiring content writers for my blog's..
Actually, no. I found that it's the best thing when you write from your own experience, use your own words and examples. People feel when the experience is real and when isn't.
No, I never buy any kind of stuff because it is not safe in my opinion. One ought to post the stuff that one wants to post, I write the content myself and post it there that is the best way to do so.
In their book, "Million Dollar Web Presence," authors Chad Barr and Alan Weiss lay out tactical strategies for building a brand and business by leveraging the Internet. In the following excerpt, the authors describe tried-and-true methods to develop provocative, engaging content, as well as the essential elements of a successful website.

Content may be king, but provocative content is the ace.

Your website has only seconds to capture interest. Think about articles you’ve read, speeches you’ve heard, books you’ve begun. The initial exposure helps people determine whether they want to spend more time reading, listening or viewing. There is simply too much competition for time to expect that people will invest too much of theirs in trying to overcome a tepid introduction.
It just means you are fooling your loyal readers, you just can't interact them as if you haven't written any articles on your blog.

I agree with you, the best and ideal way is to write yourself, that's how your real voice can reach the readers :)

If you are a corporate, you should hire good writers.
I usually write for my blog myself. I don't believe in quality of content that be wrote by another
Seriously how hard is it to write blog posts? I always write my content, and I write for others as well.
I do not buy content for my website mostly because I like doing everything myself. If there's one mistake that someone made, I have to redo everything since I'm a perfectionist. I don't like outsourcing, and if I hire a writer, they have a completely different writing style compared to me. It may be better, or it may be worse, but I don't want to risk a few daily visitors with the writing style.

I agree with you