Cross Browser Compatible HTML


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Recently i delivered a website to a client and he tested it in detail but now after couple of months he is mentioning that the website is not displaying some pages correctly in IE version 9 and thus he things that we need to change it. Can some body guide me of the specs at which the website should be made so that it should be compatible with all web browsers so that we do not run into this sort of cross browser issues again.
Also if a website is running perfectly with all the current browsers how can it be made sure that it will also run perfectly in a year or two of its delievery i mean future browsers. What the standard for this and how can it be maintained to deal with this problem.
There are some websites out there on internet which will provide you snapshots of your website in different browsers. You will just have to enter the website in question and you will be shown the thumbnails from different browsers. You can enlarge each thumbnail to see how it look in each browser. This way you will have a better idea of your website and can judge if you HTML is good enough and if the website is looking good in all browsers.
Without seeing the sites, I would suspect you are perhaps using CSS3 styles that aren't supported in IE9. There is a program called IE Tester that is free and will let you preview your sites in multiple versions of Internet Explorer from one computer.
I think like the person above suggested, it's not the HTML that is problematic here but the CSS. As a webdeveloper/designer you should have all common browsers to test run your sites on before deploying them. This way you would know what's not right and you can go ahead to fix it with the appropriate trick.

Although, its less likely for a website displaying properly on a previous version of a browser to run into hiccups in later version(s). And if that's the case then I don't see how that's your fault. Then, it won't be wrong to receive payment for updating depending on the contract you have with your client.
Hi According to my point of view a web developer and web designer should have all common browsers to test run your sites on before deploying website if need developer to added a code for IE support.