CoffeeCup HTML editor and website design software


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CoffeeCup is a free HTML editor and website design software. Has anyone had any experience in using it? It seems like it has many good reviews, but free HTML and website design softwares usually are not very good.

Something else that I noticed is that from what I've seen on the website, it also seems like you get very minimal options for the "free" software, but for only 99$s you get the rest of the options..which seems odd considering it's advertised as a "free software".
CofeeCup HTML is really a good editor . Although i write my HTML mostly in Notepad but i acknowledge that due to this i end up wasting a lot of time by finding the functions parameters etc. If you use a HTML editor even a simpler one it would still help you in saving a lot of your time. You can go and purchase an expensive HTML editor but only of you are a full time HTML coder. As i only need to code in HTML only 2-3 times a year so even a free version with basic functionality is still good for me.
Is it better than Notepad++? Because that is free and a great piece of software to write HTML in. What features does Coffeecup HTML have that Notepad++ doesn't. I have to admit, they would have to be profound for me to switch.
Yes! I've heard and used this software for a quick project I did with a friend and it was okay. Not really made for me. For anything to do with coding popular extensions like HTML, CSS etc. I'd recommend Sublime 2 or 3; It's really more streamlined then CoffeeCup. :eek:
I use Notepad++ for coding in PHP, Javacript, HTML, and CSS. I started out using CoffeeCup Visual site designer but quickly went away from that as it converted almost everything to images. I think coffee cup is good for people just starting out but if you know HTML then I would stick with a simple IDE or a program similar to Notepad++.
Microsoft is now giving away it's web design program, Expression Web, for free. The catch is it's not going to be updated any more, but from the reviews I've read about it, it's a rather solid HTML editor. Considering it was originally sold as a commercial product, it's pretty full featured as well.
I use dreamweaver and notepad++. Haven't used CoffeeCup HTML yet- would like to know some comments on this from those who has tried.