Business manager account of GOOGLE & FACEBOOK to run ads


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I am working as a senior executive running Facebook and Google ads for SMEs company in ASIA which is an advertising company.
- Our job is running ads CPI, CPC, KPI ... via Facebook and Google.
- We also lease Facebook and Google account. Our customers can spend a lot of money and not worry about being locked.
- We have been running ads for a number of national and international companies.
- After providing advertising accounts for a lot of customers, we do have a lot of experience at running the ads.
We can assist you with the experience we had and we hope to sharing and learning more things from you guys.

More information, contact me on skype: hung9997
Business manager account of GOOGLE FACEBOOK to run ads

Hi, guys
- I run ads on facebook and google in long time, so I have good experience in this,
- if you have problem in running ads or traffic for your product, such as : product for skin, health, game...
- You can pm me on skype to receive help
- I can give you invoice and contract if you need and want to cooperate with me
lets pm me on skype : a3vincent