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Here i am discuss about world's top best web hosting companies that provides reliable and fast hosting services.
According to the user's choice following are the best hosting companies :

1. Inmotion Hosting
2. Web Hosting Hub
3. Green Geeks
4. Fat Cow
5. I Page
6. Web Hosting Pad
This famous and expensive hosting!
Have you heard about:
Good and cheap hosting!
I've wrote a guide/review that breaks down what is hidden behind the low sign up fee's these site's provide. They're not as low as they seem.

There is a better alternative out there which offers better service and on average 1/5 to 1/10 faster loads than the other shared/vps hosting out there, they're also one of the very few who actually provide a near 0% downtime history.

Along with giving you access to WordPress and the 30,000 plugins available within the back-end along with the 2,400 different themes, they also give you training on everything.
Their servers are optimized for WordPress, as its the most arduous platform to host (most hosts are offering generic hosting servers, not optimized for WordPress, even though they might say they are)

If you're not running WordPress, you can still host your website here via FTP settings, which is easy as pie and takes about 5 minutes to do, and about an hour to propagate.

I'd recommend reading the guide and doing a comparison for yourself.
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Hey Dude

Sorry I do not have any personal experience in the sites you have mentioned,as i usually host my sites with the help of where numerous services are offered...
We recently switched to using KnownHost VPS solutions from HostGator. Best move we've made hosting-wise. KH VPS is so much faster than HG and we haven't had any reliability issues. There was definitely an adjustment in going from a strictly cPanel application to using WHM, but it's like learning anything else: there's going to be a curve. After using it for a few months now, we're very happy.
Goodness me, so much ridiculous self promotion on this thread. I mean seriously, it's so obvious that some of these people are working for these companies themselves.
It's quite sad to see honestly. Customers should come if you are a highly valued host or cares for customers.
I don't have any experience of hosting services that you mentioned but we you really want hosting services which is reliable , i would recommend this service for this , It provide such a awesome features and provide linux vps and windows vps hosting services. It provide services according to your configuration you need in affordable price and fully managed.