Best Joomla Plugins And Extensions


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Joomla is a very good CMS and is being used widely and have lot of extensions or plugins. Please let me know which extensions of Joomla do you guys think are a must to use on Joomla websites. Please also share best free Joomla plugins which should be used on a Joomla website and also do explain the purpose of the plugin which you are recommending.
Some PHP Extensions & Plugins are described below:
404log is for Error pages
JLocation for location maps
Modules Manager CK is for Module Management
QuickForm is for Forms
MantaJ is a Thematic Directory
Below I have recommended some useful Joomla extensions with rich features that help your website
Akeeba Backup
SP Page Builder
JCE (Content Editor)
EasyBlog Or K2
Advanced Module Manager
Some joomla plugins that i have used and like are

JCE configurable and easy to use WYSIWYG
Akeeba Backup is a must in case you need to redo site if it ever web hosting paypal that uses cheap vps linux has problem and goes down. I like to use cpanel alternative that makes it easier to setup and use mutiple cheap wordpress hosting sites at the same time.
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