AT&T customers Connect 4G cars $10 a Month


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Can any body comment or give any further information on the data plans which have recently been launched by AT&T which will enable LTE to connect to 4G AT&T network just for 10 dollars a month. This price seems to be very cheap so I need other people to confirm it and give any extra bit of information that what services will be included with this 4G connectivity of GM cars if some body opts for this service.
Doesn't this seem a bit redundant? I mean, if you've got your phone in your car with you, and you are already paying for it through AT&T, why should you have to pay for a separate connection? That is the whole purpose of a *mobile* phone, so you can take it with you. If you happen to sync your phone up to your car, so you can make calls through the car's speakers and what not, that is no different than connecting it to a bluetooth speaker or headset. It sounds like they are treating the car like an additional phone on your plan, which is absurd.