Are you a Webdesigner that takes Paypal? Here is a protection for you


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I have been designing websites for small businesses since 1999 and in that time Paypal has never offered any type of protection in case of dispute because the product is digital. They do not cover intangible products in their Seller Protection Policy yet they do suggest in their marketing materials that buyers pay for their digital products and services via Paypal. Fortunately in all of these years I have only had a small handful of bad clients who accepted and approved my work and went ahead to file disputes and get their money back.
I finally found a solution that does help you to have some recourse. When you write your agreement, indicate that a CD with the complete website files will be mailed and serve as proof of services rendered. Mail it and keep the tracking number. Now the client is paying for the CD with his files on it instead of an intangible website. You might even go so far as to indicate that the website has no cost but the CD is $XXX dollars. They have a tangible item that will help you to win a dispute .
I ran this by the Paypal rep who handled my last dispute and he thought it was a great idea. I hope this helps someone.
I agree, I think that is pretty smart and probably will actually work. The exchange for finance and services is indeed very gray, especially when it is in the eyes of Paypal. I've read a lot of horror stories from people from different sites who have had so many problems with Paypal, and I think this is the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing, I'll advise this to my friends and people who I might run across online, I'm sure they will be happy to see a solution. :)