Adsense showing ads based on browser history


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One of the perks about Adsense is that they scan the content of a site and show relevant ads for that site instead of just random ads. However, they have changed here recently and now show ads based on users past browsing history. I personally do not like this. One reason is, most of the ads I see are places I already know about. If I go to and order some computer parts, I will start to see Newegg ads on other sites I visit. This does not really seem effective, because I already know about Newegg, so why show me and advertisement of them on a cooking blog? I think Google is doing a real disservice to people using Adsense and to the advertisers.
May be some body go to any store and still is undecided and do not purchase then as you mentioned that the Google adSense will keep on showing him the advertisement related to his history a day might come that he decides. When you go to a website it is 100 % that you are looking to purchase some thing or buy a service which that website does offer. Google adsense in my opinion does good by showing ads based on browsing history because it is sure that you have more chance to become a client of that store if you are in undecided mode.