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    How are your rankings?

    Are your sites currently ranking well? Are you doing well traffic-wise? In my case, all my sites aren't doing well. I've been hit back in February and I still haven't fully recovered. I've done quite a lot since that time, but unfortunately I'm still unable to bring back the great amount of...
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    Bing On The Rise

    If you haven't tried Bing lately, I suggest you give it a try. Bing is now a reliable search engine, serving results that would satisfy your query. Google is still the king of search engines, but Bing is slowly getting quite a huge share of the market. You would still have a better experience...
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    Recommend a site to learn HTML

    I want to learn HTML because I'm planning to create my own website. I have absolutely no experience with HTML before, save a few basic lines that I use in the content sites I write for. If you know of an ebook about HTML for beginners, I would appreciate it too. Thank you in advance!