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    What is SEO?

    seo is search engine optimization , simply put , it is through the website coding , columns and web design , content, link building and other work to make search engine with your site friendly so that website keyword of ranking on the front, this is a complex and slow process.
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    Website Keywords layout

    I see the site layout of keywords as follows: Hot Keywords : in the home , the general Keywords: in the navigation column, Secondary Keywords: in product or article. Please advise .
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    Keyword in website tag repeat the question

    Can keyword in the site tags are be repeated? I have seen some sites use repeated keywords in the tag approach, but the website in Google and other search engine ranking is very good, and very stable, although they do not frequently updated website content, or even no external links.
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    In Google SEO frequency of article updates

    I want to know : in SEO frequency of article updates, it needs updated every few days ? We hope everyone to guide. Thank you.