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    Invest your money into forex – earn 50% p.a. Or more!

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    Developing a Forum

    If you are developing a forum and you somehow made it look like its a busy forum and so some users are gradually joining the forum. How are you going to maintain the way it is forum without you going and joining the replies and postings from time to time?
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    Blog hosted by 2 hosting company?

    I was looking for a tutorial to transfer a wordpress blog to another host and he suggested to add DNS of the new host to the domain's registrar to make sure there is no downtime. Is it really possible to have a blog hosted by two hosting company?
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    Designers link on the footer

    I saw some users online that tried to delete the designer's link on the footer of the templates they distributed freely. Its such a discouragement after seeing a designer ripped off by someone, what do you think he can do for this not to happen?
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    Illustrator for Banners/Logo

    I will be trying to learn Illustrator now I got an installer from a friend and I guess this should make me better banner/logo designer. I will be providing banner and logo services while I'll be learning other things to become a web designer but for now, I'll be learning Banners and logo using...
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    Youtube partner program

    I have been invited by youtube to simply monetize my videos in my channel. So i did try. I have videos however that somehow has mature contents as its from FHM. I compile images from an actress wearing two piece, a very sexy one. do you think it won't be against thier TOS. its not nude anyway...
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    Graphic Career

    Let's say I've learned how to design web pages, do graphic arts and creating banners and logos without proper education, do you think there will be a place for me in a webdesign/development company? I'm just thinking maybe I can switch career if I just learn these things.
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    Preferred Wordpress Theme

    I was wondering if you guys also have a favorite wordpress theme which you think can help you earn. There's one theme that I like because it helps me to SEO my site that it don't need an SEO plugin anymore because it has its own SEO form where I can add meta tags, descriptions and keywords to...
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    Is $75 worth of Adwords coupon enough?

    I have been trying to learn PCC by watching some tutorials in youtube and reading some articles I can find online because I wanted to promote my website through it. The only way I can try it for once is through the coupon I got when I sign up under a webhosting company which is worth $75. there...