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    Python vs c++

    If some body want to learn programming then please tell what languages they should start from . Some body please tell difference between python vs c++ . Which one of them is hard to learn and what will be the benefits and advantages of one over the other.
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    How to make Huawei Mate 60 pro satellite call

    Can any body tell how to place a satellite can from this latest Huawei Mate 60 pro? Its an amazing feature but how actually the call will be made ?
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    HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro Features

    Thinking of buying a new phone. Some body suggest if HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro will be good . Have heard it is full of features. and offer the following Satellite Connectivity: The HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro is rumored to be the first smartphone to support satellite connectivity. This would allow users to...
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    Amazon Dropshipping in 2016

    In previous days i used to drop ship on amazon but i am not sure if it still work in 2016 or have amazon banned it or can suspend the account if they find one is drop shipping ? Any ideas.
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    3D In 2016

    It have been some time since i last used 3D software packages like 3D max however i would like to know what new in 3D in 2016. Any new packages or any other products in market that can be used in 3D.
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    apple acquires database company foundationdb

    recently there was a News that apple acquired the foundationdb company and although the exact amount of the transaction is not known but how do you guys see this acquisition and what impact would cause on the future of the apple as an investor or other user of the apple devices are iphones
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    Yahoo May Challenge Google With Video Service Like YouTube

    Yahoo is considering launching it own video services similar to what YouTube does right now. Yahoo have been looking opportunities and will be offering advertisement opportunities to its publishers and offer them revenue sharing. If Yahoo go ahead with this idea the ordinary people may have more...
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    Blackberry Revenue Below 1 Billion

    Blackberry glorious story is now fading away and its revenue keep on plunging now year after year for many years now. The revenue have now plunged to less than a billion dollars which is not encouraging enough and the recovery now seems even more difficult by this giant smart phone maker. Also...
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    Freemium Review

    Have any body on this forum ever made an mobile app and have used Freemium to monetize the app. Please give me suggestion and review of Freemium and is it a good idea to make nice apps and make money with apps using Freemium.
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    Drone Internet

    Facebook have been taking a initiative in which they are preparing to make internet available to every person on the planet by hook or by crook. They have even been planning to provide internet access to remote areas by using drones and lasers. Technology and connectivity would reach to such a...
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    Recommend GuestBook Software

    Some one please recommend me a good guestbook software which is tested and bug free as I have to install it on a website to take guests reviews. Please tell me what software do you think is ideal and good for installing and works on PHP and integrates well with Joomla , Wordpress and other packages.
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    Google Incentives To Fix Open Source Software

    Google will be offering incentives to programmers and developers who find and fix a security bug in current open source software's . Although the scope is limited right now and is limited to only few services but Google says it plans to extend this program and the reward will range from 500 to...
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    New Google Maps Features

    Google new maps that are still in beta will be amazing and there are many new additions coming. Now the trip plan will be integrated with a planner and also airplane trips will be added. More features that new Google maps will be bringing are more integration and information for people who use...
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    Best Buy Trade In Offer For 100 Dollars

    Recently best buy have announced that they will trade in used smartphones towards iPhone 5s and this seems to be a wonderful offer. What do other members think of this offer and will this offer looks attractive. I am really interested in this offer and am going to get iPhone 5s tomorrow.
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    Is Paypal A Necessity For Online Business

    I have a website where customers pay me for my products and have this feeling that since i have put paypal on my website my sales increased. Do you think that paypal can make the customers more comfortable and therefore can help in increase of sales. So if my feeling is right then is paypal a...
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    Website Speed And SEO

    What is the relationship between the loading speed of a web site and Search Engine Optimizations and where should the websites be hosted in order to give websites the edge. I have read some where that now this is an important factor in search ranking of websites. If this is then please tell how...
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    Which Software is recommended for website designing

    Designing websites from last 2 years but since then i am only using dreamweaver by Adobe. I am finally looking to get my hands in other tools too and give them a try also . Considering that i am good at dreamweaver which graphic design tool i must try now. By the way i like Dreamweaver but i...