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    how can do on-page for a website?

    Hi friends, Can anyone tell me how can I do on-page seo for a website based on Ajax. Please give some tips for Ajax seo optimization.
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    how to move a website on blogger?

    Hi friends, I bought a domain name from bigrocks, and I want to host it by blogger (blogspot). Please suggest me.
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    What do you think new updates about guest post ?

    Hi friend, What do you think new updates about guest post in seo ?
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    Is responsive web design have any affect on seo?

    Hi frineds, Is responsive web design helpful in seo or harmful?
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    What is the difference between landing page and doorway pages?

    Hi friends Can any one tell me the difference between doorway pages and landing pages?
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    Is Top Commentator is Good or bad?

    Hi friends, I want to know that to maintain your back- link from a site(all site wide) is good or bad. For example I maintain top commentators back link for my website on a big site that have more than 5000 pages and when I count as its shows not only a page but it shows my back...
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    How can we use instagram for SMO?

    Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me the advantages of Insta gram and how can we use it?
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    how can we identify the type of cms?

    Hi friends, I have a new project but don't know which cms is used for it. Can any one tell me how we can recognize the cms?
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    Google launche new search engine update - Hummingbird

    Google launched its latest “Hummingbird” algorithm about a month ago and that it currently affects 90 per cent of worldwide searches via Google.
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    Google adwords replaced keyword selector tools

    Hi friends, in recent updates Google removed keyword selection tool with keyword planner. Keyword planner is more better than keyword selector tool.
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    What is an adgroup in Google adwords?

    Hi friends, Can any one tell me what is an ad group and and what is the importance of it in PPC management?
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    How to improve CTR(click through rate)?

    CTR stands for the click through rate means it is the rate no. of click on your adds. It calculate over impressions. CTR=no. of clicks/ no. of impressions CTR should be high if you are going to optimize your ppc ads, there are following ways to improve your CTR : 1.Select only highly...
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    How Can I See Cached Copy Of My Website In Yahoo

    Yo can just go to Yahoo search and search about that site whose's copy do you want to see, then in the result which page you want to see just go on that in results and clicked on a option "catched" at the end of that site/page information in search results. go to the pic for details
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    What is new in penguin 2.0 update?

    Hi friends, On 22 may, 2013 Google introduced new update called "penguin 2.0", what is new in penguin 2.0 update? How it differs from last penguin update.
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    What should be the lenght of Description and Keyword Meta tags?

    Hi friends, Can any one tell me the exact what should be the lenght of Description and Keyword Meta tags?
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi friends, I m new member of this community, so I want to say just hi to every member of this forum.