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    Facebook Instant Articles

    Have any body heard recently that the Facebook launched a service called Instant Articles and the publishers would be able to take advantage of this and can have the option to take hundred percent revenue if they host their ads on this service. I am a bit confused and want if any body can...
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    Touch Screen HP Laptop

    HP touch screens Laptops are available in different sizes , colors and specs but I want to know which one I should go for so that I can even enjoy games. I need a powerful processor and a very good touch screen which is highly sensitive and responsive. Is HP launching any new model of its touch...
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    Is Touch Screen Notebook Or Laptop Worth It

    Please tell me what do other members of the forum think about the Touch Screen Laptops as I am considering to buy one but does not know if it have any real benefit or advantage over using a laptop which does not have touch screen. Your help would help me decide if I should go with a touch screen...
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    Best Way To Send Money To India From US

    If any body can discuss what are they methods and best ways to send and remit money to India from Unites States. Currently using western union but the fees is quite high but it takes few minutes for the money to be transferred to India from US but still if any body know better and cheap method...
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    Microsoft Fined 561 Million Euro

    Have any heard of this news that Microsoft have been fined 561 million Euros for not giving user the option to choose browsers and making internet explorer default choice. What do you think of this news and how will it impact Microsoft.
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    Who Is The Owner Of WordPress

    Please tell me who is the owner of wordpress and i see that about 99 percent of the wordpress blogs are free so does the word press makes money. Do the owners of wordpress have an other business with which they sponsor this free adventure. Can some body make me understand this analogy of...
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    Can I open AdSense Ads In A New Window

    While using DFP there are two options and they are to open the advertisement in the same Window and the other option is that the Advertisement will be opened in a new Window. Please tell if adsense allows opening the ad in a new window. The benefit of this will be that the visitors will not have...
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    Website Images Copyright Issue

    We just developed our new website and we outsourced this design work to an individual. Now the final design which has attracted us looks very good and neat but before we launch the website we need to make sure that the images that have been use on this design can be used on our website or not...