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    What is the Use of Page Rank?

    I have heard a lot about page rank and all say it is more important. But Why is it so? And how does one improve on the page rank of his/her website?
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    What are the Differences between SMM and SMO

    I have been told by many around that Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization are two different things, though I am unsure and dont know what the difference actually is. Can anyone help me in understanding these differences ? Or they are the same ?
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    SEO or SMO

    Okay, So both are different things and we should do both for best results. But then, let us discuss a situation - Let us assume that you have limitations (financial or any other) - and you can do only one of the two things - SEO or SMO. Which one would you Opt for? And Why ?
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    Any Software to Convert 2D into 3D

    yesterday, when watching TV, I saw an ad of an upcoming range of TVs which has the capabilities to convert 2D to 3D. I did some research and yes, that is possible. Now, do we have any applications (on Windows) that would allow me to convert a 2D image into a 3D one ?
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    How to Make Videos Similar to this

    Hi, I was wondering how do these people make videos like - Launching Soon or ones with lots of animated text and voiceovers with great music in the background. Is there any special Application to create such videos?
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    How to Prevent SQL Injection

    Well, I have heard a lot on SQL Injection and have googled it, read a lot about it. Simply stated, it is some malicious SQL Code injected into the SQL of the code via the input forms. Can anyone refer me some tips, guides or other material wherein I could learn how to prevent this from happening ?
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    What are the right ways to use LinkedIn?

    I have been using Facebook for a while now, and though I have created an account on LinkedIn for my business, I do not have much idea on how to use it. Can anyone give me a basic guidance? I am a website consultant and developer (if that can help) and would like to cater to the market of the UK...
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    Plugin on Wordpress to Manage Access Accessibilty

    I have a work ahead where the client needs me to code something which would allow him to create users (with passwords) on Wordpress. Once the users are created, they will be allowed to download some Stuff which the client wants to upload as Posts and Attachments. But... All of these users wll...
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    Books on Object Oriented Website Building using PHP

    Does anyone know of a place or book where I can learn the fundamentals of building Object Oriented Websites using PHP? I am aware of ASP.NET which is quite Object Oriented but I would like to know the art of developing websites which are based on the Object Oriented PHP. Please do not give me...
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    Has anyone used CodeLobster as an IDE for writing Programs?

    I have recently found codelobster - which seems to be a great IDE for writing programs and website development. I was using Notepad++ and a lite and Aptana earlier, but they did not support many of the languages. CodeLobster supports HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, and it has great support for Wordpress...
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    What are your limitations as a Web Designer?

    I am not that great at designs and really get my head scratching when I have to decide on Colors. Though there are several places on the Internet were you can find out which color combinations could go, but then, design specially colors is something that I never have understood. I believe this...
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    Hi Everyone... This place looks fresh

    Hi Everyone, I have just now signed up and activated my account here. And I am already started to loving this forum. I am a freelance website consultant and developer who works from home - since 2008 due to my illness, I have been asked to stay at home and hence I find Internet and the Forums...