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    Is there a solution?

    1. Achieving muscle mass is challenging but feasible with the right strategy. To gain muscle, maintain a calorie surplus—consume 300-500 more calories than your daily expenditure. 2. Prioritize protein intake, aiming for 0.8-1 gram per pound of body weight daily. Sources like meat, fish, eggs...
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    What tools do you use for doing SEO?

    Ahrefs. Google Analytics Google Search Console:
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    hi iam new

    Welcome to the forum! 😃
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    Video hosting at cheap price?

    Video hosting is just one of many services offered by KVCHosting, a reputable web host. You can choose from several different monthly video hosting plan prices starting at just $5.99. They support all of the most popular video formats, and their plans come with limitless bandwidth and storage space.
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    What is your best way to learn responsive web design?

    This title question is going to include this query too.. First, Do you have any proper tutorial to make a responsive template in Photoshop (a 2 z) ? I just need a "resources full" answer from anyone who expert in this field that will show the right path to everyone, Who are interested in Web...
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    How to Design a Responsive Website Template in Photoshop?

    Hello guys ! I need A 2 Z guide or tutorial to learn it.. Thanks in advance..
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    Which Places Do You Like in Bangladesh?

    mahisharma2! Nice to meet you, Yes you are right it is also a nice place in Dhaka City. Welcome you at Dhanmondi Lake.
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    Which Places Do You Like in Bangladesh?

    Rangamati, Cox's Bazzar, Bandorban, Gaibandha, Rongpur they are best for me. :o
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    Best social media sites apart them

    I'm just here to know about other social media sites. So don't think about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Google+ , Tumblr , Pinterest, Instagram . Without them, which are the best.....: :confused:
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    A video is heading for the Photoshop Layers.

    Hi everyone! this is an useful post for newbie in graphic design. In my teaching experience I've found many question about Photoshop Layers. Finally a simple video can remove the all queries step by step. Using Layers in Photoshop
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    Could Anyone Know about This Tool?

    Actually I'm here to know about a software name that really near at Photoshop. I saw a years ago but I forgot. Could anyone know about it? :confused: