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    Video marketing trend for real estate

    The real estate market fluctuates all the time, going up or down depending on the season or other factors. As a result, if realtors don’t have market sensibility, it will be hard for them to be outstanding in this market. And do you know that in today real estate market, video has been becoming...
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    Need help in targeting potetial customers

    Hi everyone. I am setting an Ad on Fb. My customers are Real estate photographers. I tried to test A/B many times but I didn't get the result. Can ANyone suggest which interests or behaviors I should target in? Thank you
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    Where is my Signature?

    I did create my own signature, Then I saved it. However, when I comment on any posts, It does not appear. Could anyone show me how to get my Signature?:confused:
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    Selling home with unprofessional photographs

    You are going to sell home online.Real estate photographs are the main factor attracting customers. However, you want to sell home within your budget which doesnt allow you to hire a professional real estate photographer. You might think of hiring a less profession photographers in low cost. It...
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    Tips for elling properties

    Have you ever sold properties on your own? If yes. How do you think of its process? If no, here are some tips for you: Selling empty properties Things to consider before selling home How virtual staging help sell house
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    What to do next?

    I am new in Seo. I am working about a project with the keyword " real estate photo editing " . I do have keywords, I wrote some articles containing this keyword. Then what I should do next?
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    How to get Backlinks from Behance? Not the profile backlink

    I do put the link in Behance profile, but I couldn't take any dofollow/nofollow from it. But I see many people still get a lot of backlinks from Behance. Their content is not too good, it's same same to mine. Could anyone share any tips to get backlinks from Behance?
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    How to outsource the best real estate photo editing company?

    You are photographers, you have too much job to do and have no time to edit your photos Or you are home owners, you take pictures on your own and you have no idea about post-processing. To cope with this problem, outsourcing a real estate photo editing company will be the ideal solution for you...
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    How to get rid of bad backlink?

    My company Beat Color has been running for 1 year. And just got back to Seo 2 months ago. And last week I checked it on Ahrefs, there were 28 backlinks, then after a week the number of backlink is 1,54k although I didnt do so many backlinks like that. And there is only one domain sending such...
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    Get effective backlink from forum

    I am starting to learn SEO. And the most difficult part to me is how to find the quality forums to put the backlink. Do you have any suggestion? My website: Beat color
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    Backlink from Stumbleupon

    The thing is we can create the profile backlink on Stumbleupon easily. But after that, what should we do next to have quality backlink? or just let the profile backlink there and wait for the returned backlink! Thanks for your answer Beatcolor
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    Are your photographers?

    Are there any photographers in this room?