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    Yahoo better as compare to google?

    I am asking this stupid question because my site appear in yahoo not a google. Traffic is very low on my site due to i am disappoint from yahoo network. How to rank on my site google search engine. I am working on my site previous 6 months but not output appear. give me better suggestion. Thanks...
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    How promote my site in google?

    I am make a site on Soccer because Soccer one the biggest game watching & playing in all over the world, fan following of this game very high as compare to other sports just like cricket, nfl, mlb, nba, tennis, swimming, & badminton etc. any one suggest me thanks. my site url given below...
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    How My New Site Index in Google?

    I am making a new site before a 2 months ago but not working on it due to some problem, now i am working start proper 2 days but my post not index on google, yahoo & bing. How take time to index my site. Visit my Site & give a good & better suggestion