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    China Bans Windows 8 On Government Computers

    Can some body confirm if this news is true or not as one of my friend in China just told me that China have banned use of Windows 8 on Government computers. If this is for real than I am afraid what operating they will be using in future. Also from Microsoft point of view this may be a big blow...
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    Netflix Now Runs Faster On Comcast

    All of us know that Netflix and Comcast do not like each other because the services they offer overlap with each other. Recently Netflix have released ISP speed index according to which the Netflix speed for the people using it with their Comcast internet have increased and is now 2.77 Mbps...
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    AT&T customers Connect 4G cars $10 a Month

    Can any body comment or give any further information on the data plans which have recently been launched by AT&T which will enable LTE to connect to 4G AT&T network just for 10 dollars a month. This price seems to be very cheap so I need other people to confirm it and give any extra bit of...
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    Epson Moverio Another Competitor Of Google Glass

    Epson which most of people know for its beautiful printers have now challenged Google Glass by launching its own. They are called Epson Moverio and Epson claims that these glass are far superior to any other product available in the market. Google glass have one screen on the right hand side...
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    Alibaba To Be Listed In US Stock Market After IPO

    Alibaba is offering it IPO in the US and after every thing goes smooth will be listed in US stock exchanges. The experts are predicting that this tech giant will also try to bring new products when it will settle in US market. Alibaba may have direct competition with amazon and Google and other...
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    Lane Directions To Be Added In Google Maps

    Google is enhancing its maps and have done major upgrade is near past. Another cool and exciting feature which have been added in Google maps is the lane directions. This will make it very easy for the map user to navigate the map and know the directions . This is specially useful when one have...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Keyboard

    Just tell me if any body have used a Galaxy Note 10.1 keyboard which is 10.1 as I have not used it before so was wondering if I would have any problems using it. I have only used 14 inches or 15 inch laptop all my life and till now not used to use small keyboards so I am unable to decide if...
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    Adsense vs. Media.Net

    Publishers can you guys share if any body have any success with Media . net and if it have got any better. Usually people say that there is nothing that can match adsense in terms of money but some people say it for north American traffic Media . net can some time come close to Google AdSense...
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    Which Countries Payoneer Support

    Does any body have any idea on the list of countries that are being supported by payoneer. I did tried to call them but got no reply on phone so I am curious to know what countries they support for sending and receiving the payments. Also tell if their commission rate or payoneer is different...
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    Best Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin

    Looking for best amazon affiliate wordpress plugin for one of the wordpress website I am planning to launch. I would like to ask two questions here . Firstly I would like to know if this is even possible now a days (post panda and penguin) that one launch a affiliate store and it starts ranking...
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    Nike To Fire FuelBand Team

    Nike will be firing most of the team members behind FuelBand which was a tracker people used to maintain their fitness levels. There may be several reasons for this but one thing is obvious and that is the Nike is no longer interested in FuelBand marketing or the enhancement of this product...
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    Microsoft Data Centers In Iowa

    Recently Microsoft have announced that they will be doing huge investments in Iowa by bringing billion of dollars worth data centers in Iowa. I was just wondering that what is so special about Iowa and why they are making huge investments their. Till now I do not know any major data center in...
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    What Is Heartbleed

    These days there is a lot of news about the Heartbleed and webhosting companies are sending notices to their clients. Can any body tell what Heartbleed is and what types of websites or webhosts are being affected by this hearbleed. Is this a virus or hacking technique or any other thing and how...
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    Bing Better Search Results

    Not sure if this is just me observing that Bing search results now seems better than Google or Yahoo. Is it just me who is feeling this or if other members of the forum have the same feeling that the Google results are of bad quality and usually the websites coming on first pages are not of Good...
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    Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

    Amazon prime is around 70 dollars a year and I am considering if I should opt it or no. Usually I order around 15-20 items per year through amazon and I am not sure whether I would get any benefit by opting to it. Can any body using amazon prime let me know about the quality of shipping speed...
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    Does Google Adsense Have An Effect of Website Speed

    The blog where I am planning to put my adsense already have a poor speed because of the webhosting company it is hosted on. I am planning to put AdSense Ads on this blog but am concerned whether the speed will become more slow or painfully slow. So I just wanted to make sure if any body can...
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    What Is Next To iPhone 5

    Any body have any idea what will be coming after iPhone 5? Will it be the iPhone 5S or will it be a change altogether iPhone 6. The iPhone craze is almost over but still lots of people like me iPhone models just out of curiosity . So what is your take on that?
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    Where Can I Get The List Of Expiring Domain

    I have heard that there are resources on the web which tell you the dates of domains that are soon to be expired and this way one can purchase an old domain with good history attached to it. Have you tried buying and old domain and if yes than what are the good and bad aspects of buying and old...
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    Apple Tv 160GB Review

    One of my friend is selling his apple tv 160gb and he is asking if i am interested in purchasing this device from him. I have a regular cable connection at home with only about 10 free channels and looking for such a device. Please review apple tv 160 GB for me so that it can help me deciding...
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    What Is The Best Way To Protect Phone Screen

    Can you please discuss what measures you guys takes so that the screen of your phones is saved from scratches and get broken. Please also tell if some body knows of any good and best way to protect the screen of phones like iPhone and other smart phones.