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    Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    How to convert follower’s visitors to your web site? What is the best way to increase traffic to our website? These are some of the questions that active in the 2.0 world we get people more often. In this post we will try to respond to these 'dilemmas'.
    Actually there is no one embodiment; the method may vary depending on the type of business and objectives. However, social media marketing is one of the best strategies in this area. Among all methods of traffic building, few manage to achieve the results that are achieved with social media marketing. The reason is that social networks are the most economical and effective way to reach a wide audience your online presence. So is the strategy that rely almost all entrepreneurs in the digital world. But how to you implement it? The resources available are simple and varied simultaneously. The main thing is, as always, the marketing of content:
    Generates creative content and quality to stimulate curiosity and bring users to your profile page. But once they arrived, they should stay. I mean it's not just about capturing their attention, but to maintain it. Using a term that is very fashionable, create engagement, i.e. establish a lasting relationship with our audience.
    How does the engagement? Entertaining the audience, listening, paying attention to your suggestions, requests and encouraging user interaction and marks and Users are recommended between them. It is not enough to be present in the community, you have to be proactive and take advantage of all the possibilities offered by these means. Ideally, opt for a mix of different types of methords: video, photo, computer graphics, texts, interviews. To encourage our fans or followers to visit our website proven method is the gamification, or organizing contests, sweepstakes, original activities, games etc. to encourage the active involvement of supporters and to submit to our website.
    Furthermore, the quality of the content is not important just to please our fans: Google also recognizes the value of contributions, analyzing and recording comments, likes, +1, retweets received and the type of set inbound links. Therefore the contributions of poor quality or inadequate link building are penalized. The results of this 'control' influence our page rank and positioning.
    Networks are a perfect ecommerce websites showcase, because many customers buying online after seeing a product reviewed or shared networks. In this sense, a common technique is to rely on influencers, inviting them to share some of your content on their channels. A link posted an influencer works as a sounding board for his followers and can direct our many visits.
    Another way to increase your website visits through advertising programs. This type of promotion is undoubtedly convenient: the investment is limited with respect to the results that may be obtained, especially in terms of visibility and exposure.
    Facebook Ads and Promoted Tweets give the possibility to segment very carefully and adjust your ads to your ideal client, LinkedIn Ads allows advertisers to communicate with my target audience of your choice. But above all these advertising platforms to measure and constantly monitor the results of your investment to digital marketing
    Another very effective form of online advertising is the remarketing, which is to show people who have visited our site listings of our products but on other pages. It is a type of highly focused advertising, because users who have shown interest in some of our products are headed.
    It is enough to write an article about a product or service related keywords and put in the post. Reach high positions in search results lead to more traffic to your website. Make blogging and link building has its advantages; if you write a guest post for another blog that has a link to your website in the signature or throughout the text, allowing you to increase your page rank.
    Optimize the content of your web is important to design a good site and organize into categories and subcategories. The categories are important not only for positioning, but also to help orient visitors and find what you want. Use long tail keywords, key words 4 or more words and thus more specific. They tend to have fewer searches, but are also less competed and therefore are easier to get good positions in Google rankings. If you have a blog, try to be flashy titles. Once you have achieved this, it will be easier to position yourself for more generic terms.
    Although today is much bet on content, some more traditional strategies remain important. The email marketing e.g. when there becomes spam and it is not too intrusive, can have positive effects and increase our web site.
    Finally, one last tip: your website has to be receptive and multiplatform, that is accessible from different devices (tablet, smartphone etc.).

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    Re: Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    Thanks for sharing this information and I know some new information from you It will help me in my future work.

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    Re: Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    important information.Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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    Re: Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    Very Good post. Been in it for a while now. I offer this on my own site (3000+). Kindly, add my account with your email. Or you can make PM.

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    Re: Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    very nice information.thanks for sharing with us.

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    Re: Tips for social media marketing to increase traffic to your website

    You can follow these great steps to get more traffic to your website:

    1. Have quality content
    2. Information Architecture with SEO in Mind.
    3. Get on YouTube.
    4. Become a member of industry Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
    5. Do Answer Questions etc.
    6. Submit your blog posts to StumbleUpon.
    7. Promote your blog posts to your email list.
    8. Join a blogging community like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger.
    9. Include links to other relevant posts on your blog .
    10. Guest post on relevant blogs.
    11. Start a forum on your website.
    12. Start a Facebook group that drives traffic to your site.
    13. Become a columnist or contributor on a well-known website.
    14. Optimize your existing posts.
    15. Create a top 10 website post.
    16. Make the most of Facebook links.
    17. Focus on long-tail keywords.
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